#10 1-2024 Seminário do DCP-USP "Dinámicas de erosión democrática: los ataques al poder judicial en México", com Azul A. Aguiar-Aguilar, 06 de junho, 17h30

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A mediação ficará a cargo de Rogério Arantes (DCP-USP)
Esperamos por vocês!

Rogério Arantes
Coordenação de Seminários do DCP-USP

Sobre a conferencista:

Azul A. Aguiar-Aguilar
Azul A. Aguiar-Aguilar is Professor of political science in the Department of Sociopolitical and Legal Studies at ITESO, the Jesuit University of Guadalajara. She holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Florence. She teaches courses of political science, judicial politics and comparative methodology in undergraduate and graduate programs at ITESO and the University of Guadalajara. Her research interests include comparative judicial politics, democratization processes and political science methodology. She is editor of the volume Government and Judicial Politics in Mexico (in Spanish). Fontamara-IIJ-UNAM-TEPJF (2019), several articles in peer review journals and book chapters on studies of Courts, reforms to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Public Defenders and the Police. She has been an active member of the Mexican Political Science Association (AMECIP) since 2012 and currently performs the role of secretary of AMECIP National Board Council and coordinates the section of “Judicial Power, Judicialization of Politics and Transitional Justice” of the Association. She has been distinguished as a member of the National Researchers System (SNI, CONACyT) in Mexico.