In the Undergraduate Program in Social Sciences, the Department offers four compulsory subjects for the first two years of the course and about five or more optional subjects per semester. Here you will find basic information about the course, procedures, various activities and training and research opportunities.

Many of the themes and approaches dealt with in the compulsory subjects are taken up in the optional subjects, which seek to give students the opportunity to delve into areas or subjects of interest. The Department considers that elective courses are of great importance in graduate education. For this reason, in addition to striving to offer a wide range of alternatives each semester, it does not impose limits on the enrollment of students in Social Sciences and other undergraduate courses.

The Department believes that exposure to research is an important part of the training experience of those students who show a more academic inclination and interest in continuing their studies at a postgraduate level. As a result, it has participated in programs supporting scientific initiation, such as the CNPq's PIBIC, Teaching with Research, and Teaching with Culture and Extension, in addition to encouraging the integration of scholarship holders in scientific initiation in research projects run by the Department’s professors.

The DCP-USP of Political Science carries out, every semester, an intense program of seminars and debates, open to students.

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